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Faith Hope Love - 2020


The aptly titled new release from Jack’s Waterfall offers tunes that, whether purposely or by happenstance, aspire to convey those virtues. Opening with the county-esque This County’s Gonna Rise, and meandering through richly-melodic compositions like 7,8,9, See Her Again and 27 Reasons, Jack Licitra’s emotional lyrics, coupled with a musical style that incorporates elements of alt-country, folk-rock and ‘blue-eyed’ soul, set us on a journey that’s as comfortable as a favorite old sweatshirt. 

The ‘comfortability’ of Jack’s vocals and the music are what make the record so good - the music and the message transport the listener to positive place. Gratitude and contentment appear to be the prevailing feelings that weave in and out of the song list. There’s also a profound ‘spiritual’ sense that seems to be a parallel theme of the record. Not spirituality as defined by religion, but rather the spirituality of humanity. 


CD available at Highlander Records



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