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... a N’awlins-flavored trio that likes to play like they put the easy in the Big Easy. A great after hours set to blow off steam, for both listener and player, this is a mighty good time for those whose ears are still open enough they can enjoy things without being told it’s the thing to like.
Fun throughout. 
~Chris Spector. Midwest Record 
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American Roots Project (ARP) is a new Jack’s Waterfall release paying homage to the blues and New Orleans piano tradition. It features ten original songs ranging from the piano funk of “My Baby’s Gone a Long time” to early ragtime of “Jack’s Rag.” The project was co-produced by veteran sound engineer Brian Unger and grammy-nominated Mark Carpentieri. ARP features the tight trio of Jack Licitra on piano and vocals, Carpentieri on drums and bassist Trifon Dmitrov.  


Waterfall Live

May 22
Babylon Village Green  Babylon, NY - 5pm

June 29
Staller Center Recital Hall Stony Brook University 
WUSB Celebration - 8pm

July 10
King of Prussia, PA
with Bakithi Kumalo 
the Graceland Experience

July 27
Greater Port Jefferson
Arts Council 
Port Jefferson, NY - 7PM

August 7
Sayville Summerfest Sayville, NY - 5pm

September 10
Blues Museum